Barbados Map

Barbados, an island an independent country. There are also roughly 13 ° North and 59 ° West. Antillean chain of Caribbean Islands in the Caribbean from the South is a part of the country. United States to one. Its location is adjacent to the continent of South America. Venezuela’s nearly 434 kilometers (270 miles) north east. Barbados’a the closest island neighbors in Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Granada in the west, south west of Grenada and Barbados to Trinidad and Tobago in the south of the country now shares with a fixed official maritime boundary.

Barbados’ total land area is about 430 square miles (166 square miles), dir. The inner parts of the island with some pretty high yanaltıcıdır regions. Organic composition of Barbados is thought not volcanic. And the overriding mercanıdır limestone composition. The island atmosphere, the continuity of the Atlantic Ocean with winds constantly blowing alize the temperature is a tropical climate is temperate. Some very undeveloped wooded areas of the country and has fundalıklara. Other parts of the agriculture industry contributes to the inner regions of the island. Large sugar cane farms are scattered around the coast has breathtaking views over the beautiful sea. Barbados, the growing rate of literacy in the world and has one of the highest living standards. Her, despite the small volume of geographic, Barbados continuously (permanently) İndeksi’ndeki Human Development (Human Development Index) ranking within the top 30 countries. -i current state of the rankings in the Americas (North and South), third. The island is also visited by intense point of tourists. In addition, the Barbadosludur famous singer Rihanna.

map of banff

5000 population in Banff, 138 km from the city of Calgary uzaklıktadır.Her year, roughly 4 million people visit this region gelir.Bu village accommodation, eating and drinking everything in short compared to other places where you still prefer hostels edilir.Bu town pahalıdır.Bütçeye more appropriate to tourism in 1800 With the advent of railways açılmış.Canada kazanmış.Banff National Park Jasper National Park is even more vitality to a combination of natural beauty meets the unique beauty of their peaks and centuries-old buzullar.Daĝ the foot of the mountains looking sahiptir.Muhteşem abundant abundant water flowing from the mountains as ice sular.Yine patır sarktıĝı sometimes reaching 80 meters down next to them patır çaĝlayanlar.Bütün blue lakes among the mountains again .. all this beauty so much that is beautiful country of dreams himself feels insane.

Canada’s west without having to visit the region do not fall you do not go your way.

Banff Gondola (cable car) the environment is a good choice for a bird’s eye view as the municipal bus to go to the Sulphur Mountains olur.Buraya written public transportation tool, select the 3 km walk mümkün.Ya mümkün.Teleferik ulşmanız summer and winter is here.

Entry: Adults about 30 dollars, 14 dollars below the age of 16.

map of calgary

Calgary, Alberta, with a population of that state of 1.1 million (Canadian), the largest city and considered one of the world’s richest regions of the southern tip of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor.

The city, the discovery of oil in Alberta in 1914, starting the process, the state-owned oil resources and other natural resources 40larda enrichment, and especially the Arab oil embargo in 1973 so depending on rising oil prices, has grown to a dizzying. Today in Calgary, Canada, with corporate headquarters in Toronto, then most of the city bears the title, many of these companies is closely related to the oil industry. In addition, the city known for having one of the country’s most expensive real estate markets.

The city, the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, 80 km away from the city center has a unique view of the mountains. On the famous tourist towns of the Rocky Mountains in Banff, Lake Louise and the proximity to Canmore’a, as well as urban, 4.5 million visitors each year attract tourists offerings. Calgary Stampede during the festival called the big city opens its doors to millions of visitors.

The city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.

University of Calgary (University of Calgary), the city’s most important institution of higher education.

map of charlottetown

Charlottetown, Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island’s capital city and most important settlement. The city also has the title of being the capital of Canada’s most small eyâletsel, the population of the city center a bit exceeded 32 000, 60 000 of this number, but finds all of Charlottetown in the field of urban settlements. On the other hand, this number is less than half of postcode’s population.

The city, on the establishment of the Confederation of Canada was the host of value due to the Charlottetown Conference, “Birthplace of Confederation” also referred to as.

The city’s economy largely based on the public sector. Victorian-era city center where many resources of tourism for the city has allowed to appear as an important economic activity, the city each year, the other Maritime provinces, Quebec, Ontario and northeastern U.S. states, welcomes many tourists.

City, Prince Edward Island University (University of Prince Edward Island) are available.