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The country’s main export countries: U.S. (21.1%), Hong Kong (17.4%), Japan (13.6%), South Korea (4.6%), Germany (4%), Netherlands (2.7%), Singapore (2.2%), Turkey (2.1%) in the form listed. The same lines, the country has a certain amount of import. Country, Japan (18%), Taiwan (11.9%), South Korea (10.4%), United States (8.2%), Germany (5.9%), Hong Kong (3.9%), Russian Federation (3.3%), Malaysia (% 2.5) has been buying goods from countries such as.

Country out of the refined petroleum products, lubricants, chemical products, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, vegetable oils, animal oils, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, office equipment, livestock, aquatic products, rice, tea, canned fruit and vegetables, raw silk, coal, cotton yarn, ready-made clothing, footwear, sporting goods, light industry products, iron and steel products, toys, electronics, telecommunications equipment, such as selling products. In the same direction, from outside the country in various food products, electrical machinery, motor vehicles, crude oil, lubricants, vegetable oils, animal oils, natural rubber, timber, wood pulp, cotton, iron ore, fertilizer, plastic products, steel products, electronic circuits and chemicals are purchased.

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Showing the structure of a closed economy for many years in China, in the early 1980s, stopped the practice of collective farming and allowed private enterprise again. Currently, China is the world’s largest exporters and attract foreign investment to record levels. Has earned the right to join the World Trade Organization. In this way, China will win the right to have easy access to foreign markets, but will be open to foreign competition. In this situation, and to increase private sector investment in power monopoly and the state still maintains control over individuals, tight.

In December 2001, the World Trade Organization of the People’s Republic of China for 15 years and completed the negotiations for continuing the government, including the trade regime, particularly the various structural changes in the economy will go, and has promised to act with international trade rules. The years immediately after the signal has a high rate of growth, trading volume records were broken and the most attractive foreign direct investment in the PRC has been the center of attraction. The world’s second largest economy in purchasing power is calculated, under normal circumstances, the PRC will rise to first place in this ranking in 20 years.

Last 10 years, reaching 10% development rate continues to be a stable, ‘the century of new global power’ became known.

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China, an official from the Ministry of Commerce recently held a press conference in 2008, gave information about economic development between China and the Asian countries. The competent, said:

“Since the beginning of 2008, the negative elements of the world’s economic development has increased continuously. Asian economy is facing challenges unprecedented in history.

140 percent wheat prices in early 2008, rice prices increased by 80 percent per barrel of oil approached $ 150 American dollars. These factors influence the inflation rate in Asian countries, has developed ülkelerinkinin 2-3 times. According to estimates, the Asian Development Bank, Asian countries’ average inflation rate in 2008 was 7.8 percent. This rate reached its highest level in last 10 years. Inflation, as well as to harm the region’s economic stability in some countries has led to political turmoil. China, Vietnam and India, large fluctuations in stock markets occurred. Except for a small number of countries, including Japan, China and other Asian countries’ currency against the U.S. dollar value has fallen significantly. India, Republic of Korea, and Vietnam’s trade deficit has increased.

Nevertheless, the general economic situation in Asia is still good. Countries took effective measures. Asian growth to protect the economy in general. According to estimates from the World Monetary Fund, Asia’s economic growth rate in 2008 was 6.2 percent.

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Antarctica, Southern Hemisphere and the South Pole, including in the south of the continent. Africa and Oceania is the only continent in the south and not in the country.

South “, the legendary continent of 200 years of seeking, finding and then, but in 1840 concluded successfully. Approximately 2,000 km of roads along the shores of the Charles Wilkes Yelkenlisiyle, unlike the Arctic seas of the South Pole, where it has proved that there is really a great continent. 14.4 million sq km with an area of ​​Africa, almost half the size of this continent. In this region, South Shetland, South Georgia is located in the archipelago, with a few.

Name, “Arktika’nın opposite” (Greek: Antarktikos) Antarctica, which means an average of 2,000 m thick ice layer is large, such as armor covers. Once upon a time “not reached” the so-called thickness of polar ice 4,335 meters, locates at the point. This mass of ice, 24 million km ³ ‘luxury with the volume all the ice on Earth is 92 percent. 350-600 m thick pieces of ice breaking off the shores of 1-3 m per day progresses rapidly and stacked on top of each other. Ross is one of the floating masses of this kind of Buzlası almost 540,000 km long area the size of France. Distributed environment, striving for a swim in large parts buzladan tide event. This kind of icebergs would reach the 20,000 km ² in size.

South Pole of the earth’s climate is dominated by the cold and stormy. -20 ° C. The average temperature in summer, and this storm blew from the south to -70 ° C until the fall. U.S. monitoring station located at the geographic South Pole measurements made of the average annual temperature is -50 ° C, -29 ° C in the warmest months, but were increased. In other words, the earth’s largest refrigerator temperature averaging 22 degrees lower than the North Pole. This naturally affects the living conditions. 400 flowering plant species in the Arctic sayılabilirken, South Pole, even one symptom of the lack of it. However, many animals live in the continent’s coasts and open seas. The penguins, seagulls, seals and whales in cold, but nutrient-rich seas of the South Pole to continue their lives by eating plankton and fish.

International dialing code for Antarctica is +672’.

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The People’s Republic of China (CHC; Chinese: 中华人民共和国 (help · information), Hanyu Pinyin: Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo), a Far Eastern country in Asia bulunan. The People’s Republic of China, the most crowded population of the world’s population, according to sayımlarına country. Mogolistan the north, east NORTH Russia and North Korea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea, east, south-east of the South China Sea, south Vietnam, Laos, Birmanya, India, Bhutan and Nepal, south-west Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is surrounded by . Pekindir Capital. China, People’s Republic of China have often use the word. Currently, 24 countries and Taiwan by the tanınmamaktadır. China, CHCnden approximately 5000 years ago and which stretches back to a ‘writing history’ there. At the same time, approximately 6000 years ago in conjunction with the drawings on the ideographic reached the ruins. In today’s civilization that make up the core pieces of paper, gunpowder, the compass and typography, such as the ancient Chinese origin Meet medeniyetine is based on very little. The People’s Republic of China, in recent years, which made atılımlarla or policy, has become one of the world’s most important economic guclerinden. Chinese Folk Cumhuriyetinin influence in the region and around the world, more economic and military areas in the hissettirmektedir itself. Envisaged to be the richest in the world economy, Chinese Folk Cumhuriyetinin 2020lerde. The world’s fourth biggest country in the People’s Republic of China, the world’s most crowded country with its population of approximately 1.5 billion. Approximately one sixth of the world’s population lives in China, the People’s Cumhuriyetide.

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Kurucay culture in Azerbaijan by the name of the first human habitation, from the New Stone Cagına are Azıh Cave.

Ortacaga old times, until the Term of Azerbaijan as a region in present-day Iran to Iranın kullanmaktaydı. Today, Azerbaijan is the location of Cumhuriyetinin Albana or part of the region, known as Aran.

According to the claims that are not exact, the Turks until the iner ages before Christ edinilmesi Azerbaycanı kendilerine abroad. [Source should be] the 7 th century BC from the communities in Azerbaijan Turkish kavimlerine Kafkasların settled north of Derbent, came through. For this reason, the gate denmistir Derbende.

Gorulmeleri in Azerbaijan are among the Seljuks in the years 1015-1021. In this period, with gocleri OGUZ Islamlastırılma Azerbaycanın Turklestirilme and accelerated the process. Founded by Ildenizliler 1136da Tebrizde area has been under the dominance of atabeyligin. After the Mongol invasions, and a time came under the dominance of the Golden Ordanın hakimiyetinde kalmıstır Ilhanlıların. 14. Karakoyunlular century and has been egemenliklerine Akkoyunluların.

I. Army’s visit to Azerbaijan Cabani perform Kızılbas Ismailin 1500de yenmis and Tebrize army entered the Square Muharebesinde Shirvanshah Yasarın Senan founded the Safavid State. Thus, Azerbaijan has been in Safavid rule. Then Afsarlar, Zendler and Kacarlar yonetilmistir by. Institution of Athens, where the Kaçar Hanedanının yıkılısı Hanedanının Zand, Cuba, Sheki, Ganja, KARABAĞ, flowing, Nakhchivan, Derbent, wine, Lankaran, Shaki, Samahı, Tabriz, Urmiye, Ardabil, Hoy, Maku, Maraga and Montenegro [16] as the de facto independent hanlıklar belirmistir. 1804-1813 Russian-Iranian Wars in 1813, then a large part of this hanlıkların hakimiyetine Empire has been in Russia. Turkmenchay Treaty with Iran, RUSSIA Hanlıgı smoothly, the southern part of Nakhchivan on Hanlıgı and Talish Hanlıgının tanımıstır hakimiyetini.
Russia has been under the dominance of 1828de Empire. May 28, 1918, 1920 and 1918 weapons collected Kurultayını also founded the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. This is the first state in the Middle East has become a Republican. But 1920, more socialist CAUCASUS Sovyet Cumhuriyetler katılmıstır Union. August 30 1991de USSR Dissolution has independent re-snake.

Until now, Athens has always been the center of the Caucasus Turkculuk movements. The thought of leading logos Huseynzade Turan, Ahmet Agaoglu, was Topchubashov Alimerdan.

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Azerbaijan officially the name of the Azerbaijan Republic (Azəricə: Republic of Azerbaijan, / ɑzæ ˌ ˌ ɾbɑjdʒɑn ɾesp ublikasɯ /), the South Caucasus state. Russia on the north side, west NORTH GEORGIA, Western Armenia, in the south and west of Iran (in Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in connection with a neighboring state) of Turkey and the neighboring state. HAZAR limit cizmektedir East Sea. A part of the majority of the population of Europe and a part of the Turkish people from Central Asia and Azerbaijan bulunan Azerilerden consists of Shia. Bakudur Capital of the country.

Muslim world’s first democratic and secular state, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, which was founded in 1918, BUT 1920 Sovyetler land katılmıstı Association. [5] [6] 1991de Azerbaijan gained independence again. One of the Turkic states of Azerbaijan is an independent member of the council and TURKSOYun effectively. 158 countries and 38 international organizations diplometik relationship has a membership.

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Sidney (İngilizce: Sydney; /ˈsɪdniː/), Avustralya’daki en eski yerleşim merkezlerinden biridir. Ülkenin ekonomik dahil her açıdan merkezi olmasına rağmen gerçekte başkenti değildir. (Başkent Canberra’dır.) Jackson Limanı’nın kıyılarında kurulmuştur.

Sidney Botany Körfezi ile Pittwater arasında yaşayan Darut kabilesinin anayurdu olarak bilinmektedir. Bu sebeple burada tarih öncesinden kalma çok sayıda yerleşmeler bulunmakta; yer isimlerinin de çoğu bu eski yerleşmelerden gelmektedir.

Sidney’de yaşam 1778 yılında bir sömürge kolonisi olarak başlamıştır ve şehir altmış yıl boyunca İngiliz toplumunun istenmeyen, suçlu kişilerini barındırdı. Bu kötü başlangıca rağmen Sidney şu anda dünyaca ünlü bir kültür ve sanat merkezi haline gelmeyi başarmıştır.

Sidney’in orijinal yerlileri, buraya 18. yüzyılda gelen İngiliz askerleri tarafından zorla yerlerinden edilmişlerdir. Yerli halkın büyük bir kısmı İngiliz birlikleri tarafından katledilmiş, geri kalanların önemli bir kısmı ise genelde kötü çalışma şartlarından kaynaklanan hastalıklar nedeniyle kalabalık topluluklar şeklinde ölmüşlerdir.

1788 yılı Ocak ayında Sidney’e gelen İngiliz donanması komutanı James Cook’un önerisiyle şehre İngiltere’nin aşırı kalabalık hapishanelerinden 759 adet suçlu getirilmiştir. Bu İngiliz donanmasının yerleşmesi sayesinde, körfezin kuzeyinde bugünkü Sidney kenti gelişmiştir.

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British Overseas Colonies continents for the first time with a colony of New South Wales, 26 January 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson started with the establishment of a settlement. This date was later declared Australia’s national day (Australia Day). Today, known as Tasmania, Van Diemen’s Land’a settlement began in 1803. Here keşfenden 1642, explorer Abel Tasman, the island, who sent him on that journey, and the governor general of Dutch colonies in South India in honor of Anthony van Diemen’in Anthoonij Diemenslandt He called van. Van Diemen’s Land in 1825 became a separate colony. United Kingdom, 1829 tutmaktaydı under the western part of Australia. Separate colonies were created in various parts of New South Wales and the new, South Australia (1836), Victoria (1851) and Queensland (1859). Northern Territory (NT), was founded in 1863 as part of the Province of South Australia. South Australia, was established as a free state, and never as in other colonies has not been sentenced and remand prisoners executed in a penal colony. Offenders brought to the island between 1840 and 1864, continued at intervals.

Australian native population, Europeans began to settle in the continent is estimated to be 350,000 rows. [2] Since then, the last 150 years has decreased rapidly. This is mainly because of epidemic diseases with the combination of forced migration and cultural fragmentation.

Indigenous children taken from their families devşirilmesi, some historians and stolen by the natives of Australia is called the creation of a lost generation. At the same time that historians and Australian aborigines, native komünitelerinin distributed, fragmented population is reduced, and argue that it should be considered as a genocide. [3] The act of re-used for the purpose of creating a peaceful and trouble-free society is defined as a violation of human rights today. Such interpretations of Aboriginal history, some of them coming against the political and ideological reasons, and with them being exaggerated or fabricated states. [4] The debate in Australia, History Wars (in Turkish: History Wars) is known as. After the 1967 referendum, the federal government and executive power had the right to make laws with respect to Aborigines. Halkındaki local ownership of the island, Australian High Court’s Mabo v Queensland (No. 2) until the cause is not accepted. After that case, the concept of ownership has changed in Australia and the island during the invasion of Europeans are not belong to anyone.

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Australia began the 1850s gold rush and mining license fees in 1854, the first civilian uprising against the uprising took place in the Eureka Stockade. Between 1855 and 1890, the six colonies individually gained responsible government, the right to personal business, and many started their own affairs. The Colonial Office in London, notably foreign affairs, defense, and retained control of the international maritime and trade issues. January 1 1901 Colonial Federation of Australia, then ten-year plan, vote and be elected, have obtained the rights to be represented. Thus, the Kingdom yöntetiminde Britain, the Royal Australian State was born. Then offered a new federal capital of Canberra in 1911, in New South Wales in Australia’s capital city region, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Region was established. (Melbourne the capital from 1901-1927.) Again, in 1911, the Northern Territory (NT), South Australia (SA) government has passed control of the control of the Royal Australian Government.

Australia at its own discretion and I. Participated in World War II. [5] Many of Australia, Australia and New Zealand Military Force (ANZAC – Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) to be defeated after the Battle of Gallipoli, with respect to this historic nation remembers and recognizes them as the birth date. This date is at the same time, the country’s first major military event. Such as the Gallipoli War II. The Kokoda Track during World War II Battle of national importance by many as a given event.